Newsletter No. 52, 2019

Industry News

Egorievsk-Shoes raises productivity

Egorievsk-Shoes joined the Russian program for implementation of the systematic approach to the increase in productivity governed by Rosatom Production System.

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Karamelli® expands retail chain

New brand shops openings of Karamelli®, a Russian brand of clothes for children, took place in Moscow in December, 2018.

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Tender beauty from Baby Boom

Baby Boom, a company from Stavropol, will traditionally present a collection of sets of clothes for new born babies. The manufacturer uses only top-quality 100% cotton fabrics.

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Bell Bimbo®: behind the scene

Bell Bimbo®, a Belarus brand of clothes for children, decided to lift the veil and demonstrate to their customers how the photographing process of their new collection was going: a team of professionals had been working on it over several days.

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Alena takes care of infants

Alena, a factory manufacturing clothes for children from Ulyanovsk, has produced a new lineup of clothes for new born babies and little children of up to 1 year of age. The clothes for new born babies are the main specialization of their production. Therefore the quality of these goods has been proved by years of experience and many certificates.

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Azzarti®: safety check passed

The school uniform by Azzarti®, a brand from Kirov, fully conforms to all requirements of the technical standards of the Customs Union TP TC 017/2011 On Safety of Products of Textile Industry. This is the conclusion of the experts from Kirov Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification upon their control inspection.

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Leisurewear International will demonstrate real English quality and traditions

Leisurewear International Limited, an English company from Manchester, will present their collection of clothes for children for the first time at the spring exhibition. The company owns several well-known brands and this spring Minoti®, clothes for boys and girls aged up to 14 years, will be presented to customers.

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Coccodrillo® opened their second brand shop

Coccodrillo®, a Polish brand of clothes for children has opened the second brand shop developing their retail chain in Russia.

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Arctic Goose® is preparing for next winter

Arctic Goose®, a brand of down clothes, will present a new collection of clothing for children this spring. The clothing is made of premium down from their own goose farm. Arctic Goose®, a Russian company, is a new generation enterprise manufacturing premium outerwear clothing for boys and girls.

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Exhibition Life

Licensing Marketplace: childrens style and fashion licenses

The Licensing Marketplace organised by Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company and Expocentre AO will be held on the first day of the exhibition. The program of the spring forum will be useful for the retailers specialised in the sales of goods for children, in the clothing and footwear for children.

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Aleksandra Kamanina: stylish already in kindergarten

Trends Making Sales this is the name of a trend tour which will take place within the supporting program on the 27th of February; it will be organised by WunderLook Laboratory of Style and Fashion Magazine, a multi-channel fashion platform and Expocentre AO. Aleksandra Kamanina, the founder of WunderLook Laboratory of Style, told us about the topics of the trend tour and about her own experience in image making for children and teenagers.

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Directors Club

Anastasia Kushkova: DIMARK school uniform means comfort, style, and affordability

DIMARK celebrated its first anniversary last year. The company is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of elegant business clothes for men and school uniform for boys. The company will bring a full school uniform collection for boys for 2019 to the CJF spring edition. Anastasia Kushkova, the owner of the brand, told us about the advantages of the collection and about the plans for 2019.

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Childrens Catwalk

Combination of Italian design and Russian functionality

Alessandro Borelli®, an Italian brand, will be one of the participants of CJF Child and Junior Fashion exhibition in the coming season. The brand will present several annual collections: winter outerwear, school line-up, and footwear collection.

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